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The Real Estate

$ 5 000 Spent Advertising Budget
114 Target Leads Attracted
$ 43.7 Average Cost Рer Lead


*client's company name under NDA Overview:

Our successful case study for a real estate agency showcases how our contextual advertising campaign on Google helped our client build a marketing strategy from scratch and generate over five times the planned number of qualified leads in just three months.

*client's company name under NDA


To build a marketing strategy from the scratch and get at least 60 qualified leads in three months.


To achieve our client's goals, our specialists focused on targeting medium-volume keywords and redirecting traffic from competitors to the client's site. This approach allowed us to maximize the impact of the campaign and reach potential customers who were actively searching for this type of service.

Our team also worked closely with the client to ensure that the advertising campaign aligned with their overall marketing strategy and brand messaging. Regular analysis and optimization of the campaign's performance helped us continually improve results and exceed our target of 60 qualified leads.

At the end, we achieved an impressive click-through rate, which was well above the industry average, and a conversion rate that exceeded our client's expectations.

If you are looking to build a marketing strategy from scratch or enhance your existing ad campaign, we would be happy to help you develop and implement everything needed for meaningful results.


Power in Results

$ 5 000
Ad Budget

Target Leads

$ 43.7
Cost Рer Lead


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