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The Premium Tattoo Machines Brand

+110% Accounts Involvement
+35% Site Visits
+43 New Followers
*for the first week


Vlad Blad Irons Worldwide Overview:

Our Social Media Content Marketing Case Study for a worldwide tattoo machines brand showcases how our strategic approach to content creation and management is helping the client achieve their goals of streamlining their social media presence, increasing followers' engagement and driving sales.


To put in order and tidy content on their social media business accounts, increase followers' involvement and sales.


The client came to us with a need to bring order and tidiness to their social media accounts and a desire to see tangible results. Our team immediately dived into the project, conducting an in-depth analysis of their existing social media presence and target audience. From there, we developed a content marketing strategy that included regular creation and publishing of high-quality and engaging content across social media platforms, as well as daily monitoring and analysis of audience engagement and feedback.

We took a special approach to this project, treating it as our own, and working closely with the client to ensure that their vision and values were reflected in the content we created. We also prioritized daily communication with the audience to establish a genuine and authentic connection.

Within just one week of implementing our content marketing strategy, we were able to achieve impressive results, including an overall reach increase of +41.4%, a significant +110% increase in accounts' involvement, and a +35% increase in site visits, as well as the addition of +43 new followers. And at the end of second momth of our work we got increase in reach +51.9%, increase in interaction with Reels +226% and Stories +288%, and nice-looking, engaging and self-selling social media feeds.

This project is still ongoing, and we continue to work closely with the client to refine and improve our content marketing approach, using data-driven insights and audience feedback to achieve even better results. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to achieving our client's goals has made this partnership a huge success, and we look forward to continuing our work with this brand in the future.


Power in Results

Accounts Involvement

Site Visits

Overall Reach Increase


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