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The Personalized Cosmetics Brand

$ 7 355 Spent Advertising Budget
$0,03 Average Cost Рer Сlick
x2 In Sales Increase


I.C.Lab Individual Cosmetics Overview:

This Case Study showcases how our comprehensive approach to social media marketing helped our client achieve their goals by combining strategies such as contests, content marketing, and targeted social media advertising.


To enhance brand awareness and increase product sales on multiple marketplaces.


To begin, we developed a strategic advertising campaign that included contests to collect a warm audience and a content marketing strategy to engage and warm up the audience. We recognized that leading a cold audience directly to marketplaces would be ineffective, so we focused on targeting and warming up the audience before showing them advertising offers through social media platforms that urged them to make purchases.

Our team worked hard on this project, meticulously analyzing data and implementing optimizations to continually improve the campaign's performance. As a result of our efforts, we were able to achieve significant results for our client, including a 2x increase in sales and an impressively low cost per click of just 3 cents.

Our view on this and similar projects is that a comprehensive approach is key to achieving success. Due to this, we can help our clients achieve their goals and drive meaningful results for their businesses.


Power in Results

$ 7 355
Ad Budget

Cost Рer Сlick

Sales Increase


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