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The Gym

$10 000 Advertising Budget
4.1 Return On Ad Spend
$8.6 Average Cost Per Lead


*client's company name under NDA Overview:

New clients' attraction and increase of the conversion rate for a gym network through a strategic social media ad campaign, targeting, and an innovative sales funnel via a chatbot.

*client's company name under NDA


To attract new clients and increase conversion of those who come to the training after the booking.


Our primary target was to help our client increase their conversion rate by attracting new clients to their gym network. We set out to achieve this goal by designing a strategic social media ad campaign that leveraged targeted ads, compelling content, and an automated sales funnel via a chatbot. We began by identifying the target audience for the ad campaign and designing engaging content that would resonate with them. Then targeted ads were developed in a particular visual form to reach the target audience and drive traffic to the gym's website. We also implemented a sales funnel via a chatbot to automate the booking process and increase the conversion rate.

To ensure the success of the ad campaign, we carried out extensive testing and optimization, experimenting with different photo and video templates to identify the most effective combinations. As a result of this approach, we were able to increase the percentage of clients who came to a workout after booking from 22% to 39%.

The campaign gave 1,162 target leads with a CPL of $8.6. However, the most important metric for both our client and our team was the advertising campaign payback, which in this case was 4.1 return on ad spend (ROAS).

In addition, our client was also able to build a strong relationship with their target audience and establish a powerful brand presence on social media.

At HV Agency, we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients through innovative and effective digital marketing strategies.


Power in Results

Cost Per Lead

$10 000
Ad Budget

1 162
Target Leads


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