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The Coffee Shops Expert

In-Depth Service Analysis
Content Planning
Personalized Style Development


@makhinalab Overview:

Our team was excited to join forces with the expert who helps to open and operate a profitable coffee shop business to enhance her social media presence. This case describes the work process of how we were able to visually and contextually stand out among the competitors and establish a consistent, engaging brand image for our client.


To create a unique and visually appealing style for her social media channels that would resonate with the target audience and increase engagement.


We began by conducting an overall analysis of the client's service offerings and target audience. This allowed us to identify the key elements of their brand and create a social media style that reflected this beautiful lady unique identity. HV Agency team designed individual templates for her posts, including captions and hashtags that were tailored to the audience.

We also created a content plan that included a mix of product shots that the client has captured based on our detailed specifications.

We analyzed her competitors and developed a content strategy to promote the service effectively.

To ensure our strategy leads to the set objectives, we monitored her social media channels regularly and made adjustments as necessary. And as a result - the increase in the client's social media accounts' engagement and following. Her unique personal brand identity and visually appealing content caught the attention of potential customers and helped her to stand out in a market.

When we have a task to prepare a set of visual content we do not only this (with a content-plan development for the set) but provide recommendations on content creation, posting schedules, and strategies for further as well.

Give us a target - and we will achieve it for You with the expedient analysis, funnels' vision, content creation, and analysis and new improvements again.


Power in Results

In-Depth Service Analysis

Content Planning

Personalized Style Development


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