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The Beauty

In-Depth Service Analysis
Personalized Style Development
Visual Content Series Creation


*client's company name under NDA Overview:

An example of creating a suitable style that visually catches the target audience for an expert from our team.


Create individual style for social media content series.


Our team had the pleasure of collaborating with a talented visagiste and beaute expert, who approached us to design a unique and appropriate style for her social media publications. Our goal was to create a style that not only reflected our client's personality and values but also set her apart from her competitors. To achieve this, we conducted an in-depth analysis of her service and her competitors' feeds to gain a better understanding of what resonated with her target audience.

Then we created a visually suitable and eye-catching style for her social media presence and provided with a content plan structure that would help her reach the right audience and engage with them effectively. HV Agency made sure that each post was optimized for the platform and was visually appealing to capture the attention of her audience. The creativity and analysis in detail of our specialist helped her stand out in a crowded market and establish herself as a go-to visagiste and beaute expert.

We believe that every business deserves to have a strong and effective social media presence, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve that.


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In-Depth Service Analysis

Сolor Selection

Personalized Style Development


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