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Sushi And Pizza
Delivery Restaurant

$22 226 Spent Advertising Budget
$1.88 Average Cost Per Lead
11 822 Target Leads Attracted
$17.49 Average Receipt Per Customer

Client: Roll House [Ролл Хаус] Overview:

A social media ad campaign for a sushi and pizza delivery restaurant network using a quiz, different contests, and a chatbot to have over 11,000 quality submissions for less than $2 per one in the outcome.


To increase the flow of new customers.


In order to achieve the goal after the analysis of competitors, clients' products and target audience we started with designing a high-conversion quiz that targeted potential customers who were interested in this type of food and service. The quiz included questions related to food preferences and tastes, brand awareness and service preferences, we added an increasing discount as the quiz progresses and a bonus to encourage more of the targeted people to provide their contact information as well as to give our client the detailed information about every lead's taste.

We also created various contests that were tailored to the client's products and target audience. The contests were promoted on social media platforms, generating interest and engagement.

All leads were tracked in the client's CRM system, and with time we added a retargeting approach to our strategy that was highly effective, as it resulted in a significant increase in conversions and generated a higher customer value.

To automate the work process more, we implemented a chatbot that could assist potential customers in placing orders, answering frequently asked questions, and providing general information about the client's products and services.

During our collaboration, we generated 11,822 target leads with a cost of $1.88 per one and an average check of our client of $17.49 per customer. As a result of the successful campaign, the delivery restaurant network expanded its operation to three additional cities, increasing profits significantly.

HV Agency has extensive experience in high-conversion quizzes, contests, and chatbot automation. We have worked with various clients in the food and other industries and have delivered high-quality results that exceed our clients' expectations. We will be happy to boost Your business profit as well.


Power in Results

$22 226
Ad Budget

Cost Per Lead

11 822
Target Leads


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