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Franchise of The Teeth Whitening Salon

1 749 Target Leads Attracted
$ 11.04 Average Cost Рer Lead
48 Sales Successfully Closed
9.5 ROAS

Client: *client's company name under NDA Overview:

This case study shows how working step-by-step with the right marketing funnel you can positively surpass all expectations of the results of an advertising campaign.


Bring targeted traffic to the client's website and generate sales.


Our team at HV Agency was tasked with creating a successful social media advertising campaign for the franchise of a teeth whitening salon. The client's primary goals were to get more targeted traffic on the website and sales from a cold audience.

To achieve these objectives, our team commenced by promoting the client's project itself without calling for submissions, redirecting traffic to the website, landing pages and social media profiles that we created to meet the needs of the target audience. We also conducted extensive research to understand the audience demographics, interests and behavior in order to develop a marketing strategy that would resonate with them.

After this, HV Agency team implemented a strategy for showing targeted offers on Facebook and Instagram to this redirected traffic. We tested and refined our ad creatives, copy and messaging to ensure maximum engagement and conversion rates. In addition, we utilized Look-a-Like audiences to further expand the reach of the campaign.

Thanks to this approach the campaign generated a total of 1,749 Target Leads, that turned into 48 successfully closed sales for our client and the Return on Ads spend was an impressive 9.5 which exceeded all expectations.

At HV Agency, we believe that success in marketing campaigns is achieved through a combination of strategic planning, creative execution, and continuous improvement. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals through personalized and effective approaches that deliver results. And we are always focused on working in the long term.


Power in Results

$ 19 311
Ad Budget


1 749
Target Leads


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